Victor Estes best known by his stage name (VIK-TOR) from Washington,D.C. has since 2011 worked on the local scene and has gone from the boy next door, to the boy on the dance floor with his over the top fashions, pop/rock sound and his EDM influence. With the passion and determination to make a break in the Entertainment Industry. VIK-TOR at the age of 9 self taught himself to play the piano and guitar. VIK-TOR wanted more with his typical classical playing of Mozart and Beethoven he wanted to do something out of the ordinary. So at the age of 15 he started writing and composing music of various styles including pop, jazz and rock. After years of perfecting his craft he enrolled himself in musical theatre it wasn’t until then he realized he didn’t just wanted to be singer/songwriter but a performer.
“When I perform, I like to be spontaneous on stage and get the crowd up and moving,”
VIK-TOR says. “It gives off positive energy from me to the fans.”
VIK-TOR finally releasing his long-awaited 1st solo album schedule to be released in the Spring of 2018.VIK-TOR is hard at work in the studio.
“It’s almost like a second home being in the studio,” VIK-TOR says. “There been times when I would spend more time in the studio in a week then at home.”
Creating a mash up of “Lady GaGa’s” up beat dance music and the Melancholy sounds of “The Weekend ”- ensuring that there’s something for everyone whether it be on the album or at his live shows. VIK-TOR’s music comes from a place of raw emotion since childhood, with each song crafted around originationality and topped with words that reflect not just his own life experience but everyone as a whole. With the purpose in mind to help others overcome the low’s of life and rise to great heights!
“One of the worst things someone can do is live their life in a “what if”
. A dreamer will always dream of dreams of what they want in life. But the power of it all comes from when you make it your reality.”-VIK-TOR